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     I'm a game developer and software tester with a passion for creativity and originality. All my life I've been gaming- from Need for Speed to Sea of Thieves- and my drive to explore new worlds has never wavered.


     I specialize in combat systems, player mechanics, and AI behavior. I'm also experienced in quality assurance. I script all my own projects and I've collaborated with art, sound, and design teams. I've worked for Epic Games, Id Software, and Gunfire Games. I'm looking forward to my next project!

     I'm enthusiastic about virtual reality and how it will change the game market in the coming years. I'm a bit of a retro games geek, I love to explore old titles, learn their history and development struggles. I grew up on Mega Man, and have a whole shelf full of cool memorabilia! That's definitely my favorite franchise, but I spent most of my youth playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater!

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