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March 2019 - May 2019

Chris Schickler

Technical Artist/Scripting

Austin Edwards

Level Designer/Scripting

Leo Lo

Systems Designer/Scripting

Drew DiCenso

Weapon Artist

Parker Daniels

Environment Artist



     Corndog Chronicles is a humorous randomly-generated rogue-lite. The player takes the role of Wurst, a weenie out for vengeance against the evil corndog regime. The game features a slew of different weapons, upgrades, enemies, and environments to keep players entertained for hours.

Random Generation

Screenshot (27).png
Screenshot (29).png
Screenshot (31).png

     Random generation is the main foundation of Corndog Chronicles. Leo Lo worked on weapon and attachment randomization, and Austin Edwards and I worked on room randomization. Originally, we intended for the game to have an optional difficulty slider, where the number of rooms spawned would change based on the difficulty set. As you can see in the two left images, the map would spawn the rooms in a diamond shape, with one side as the entrance and one side as the boss. We didn't have enough time to work out a boss design and encountered other obstacles, so we ended up scrapping the diamond logic and making the game endless.


Screenshot (40).png
Screenshot (75).png
Screenshot (52).png

     I worked on scripting the environment objects found in Corndog Chronicles. I worked on everything from sentry turrets to moving platforms. The most interesting object is the control panel, which can be used to trigger different actions from different objects.

Technical Art

Screenshot (40).png
Screenshot (51).png

     With a systems designer and another scripter already on the team, I opted to work on particles and animations for the game. I used Unreal's Cascade engine to create all the particles, and focused on making them have a "cartoon" low-poly look to them. I also did all the rigging and animations in Maya, utilizing the skills I learned at my previous college. My work brought the world to life and really emphasized the wackiness of our game.

Get the Game


     You can download Corndog Chronicles on by clicking the image on the right. As of now, the game is still in development because we love working on it and working together so much! We still have a lot of ground to cover, including adding narrative elements, more rooms, and bosses!


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