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Angry Earl Saves the Earth

I finished working on my next Unity game, "Angry Earl Saves the Earth". This is another little practice project for C#, so don't expect a polished game. This was a derivative work based on "Laser Defender" from my coursework.

The game features three levels of chaotic shooting action. Each level has a mix of zombie and robot enemies, with an alien saucer boss. Each level has a 2 minute timer before the boss shows up, during which enemies will continuously spawn in random waves. The game can theoretically be beaten without killing anything since all enemies eventually disappear on their own.

Give it a try here!

Now that this is complete, I have two more projects to go. A tower defense game and a platformer. After those are finished, I will begin work on a small game idea that has been cooking in my head for a bit. When that starts, this blog will be updated more frequently with game design documentation and theory.


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