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Brand New Blog

Hello friends and recruiters alike.

As someone with 5 years of experience with Unreal Blueprint and some spotty experience with Unity C#, I felt it was time to go full throttle on mastering traditional coding.

That being said, this blog is to showcase the small projects I will start making. The first project I am making is called Character Code, a little survey application for tabletop gaming that will recommend a class and race for your original character. I just started this a few days ago, and I'm hoping to have it complete with art by the end of the week. Here is a screenshot of the prototype.

You can play the 15 question prototype here using the password "test". It is password protected because the game is not published yet.

Character Code is based upon Text 101, part of coursework provided in the class Complete C# Unity Developer 2D - The World's Most Popular Unity Course. This project is being made for educational purposes only.

Text 101 is a text adventure game similar to Zork. Character Code is a modification of the principles used in that lesson, and much of the code has been changed.


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