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Character Code

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Tonight I finished up Character Code and released it on

From the Page: Hello and welcome to Character Code!

This is a simple survey built in Unity that will advise tabletop players on what class or race you seem to gravitate towards. This is determined based on your answers in presented scenarios.

This is a derivative work based on Text 101, coursework provided by the online class Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D.

A quick breakdown of the workflow:


- DESIGN - Create Class Prompts/Answers

- DESIGN - Create Race Prompts/Answers

- CODE - Prompts and Button Functions

- CODE - Results Screen

- CODE - Entry Screen

- CODE - Randomized Answers

- CODE - Tally Saved for Each Answer

- ART - Retro CRT Effect (sort of)

- ART - Prompt Icons (sort of, changed to result icons)

- ART - Game Font


- DESIGN - Create Alignment Prompts/Answers

- CODE - "Back" Button

- SOUND - Selection Beep

- SOUND - Completion Tune

- SOUND - Computer Background Noise

It was a fun little project and my first released Unity... uh... "game". As mentioned above this is based off of Text 101 from my Unity 2D course. Text 101 was a basic text adventure, with answers being selected by the number keys. It wasn't much of a challenge to make- and I decided to add some complexity to it.

I didn't want to spend too much time writing since it wouldn't really do anything for my coding skills, so I opted to change the project into a survey. This gave me the opportunity to work with variable math for the class and race tally and transforms (randomize the answer slots, during testing users were able to tell that question 1 was always warrior, 2 was always hunter, etc).


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