I Graduated! Now What?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

I would first like to start off by saying I got preoccupied with school and haven't been updating the blog as often as I'd like to. I will definitely try to post more frequently whether it's opinions on video games or reports on game development.

AND I GRADUATED! I now have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Design & Game Development. So the question is, what's next?

Radiant Dark, the game I produced for twenty weeks, has come to an end. It may be receiving some work over the next week or two in order to polish it, but after that the game will largely stay in development hell. The intellectual property is very cool, maybe someday down the road I will pick it up again.

Corndog Chronicles was the other game I completed right before graduation. Everyone on the team enjoyed working on it so much that we have kept development open on it. While we aren't actively working on it now, It's something that we agree to improve upon if time permits.

So that leaves the next step. I've wanted to make my own game, all by myself for a while now. I am not talking about spending five years on something hoping to compete with AAA studios, nor am I talking about hitting the indie market to compete with games like "No Mans Sky" or even "Enter the Gungeon". I am talking something very very simple with a high amount of polish.

Until I find a solid career, that's where my effort will go. I am crossed between two ideas. One is a digital card game similar to the play style of "Secret Hitler" or "World Championship Russian Roulette". The other is a rhythm game similar to Tetris, Guitar Hero, and Dance Dance Revolution.

Additionally, I have a C# and C++ course for Unity and Unreal that I put on hold while in college that I will be finishing up. I would like to fully understand both of these languages and become a true master of my craft. After that, possibly Python and LUA. I will also work on my art, I want to learn Blender as alternative to Maya and bring back my long lost Zbrush sculpting skills. I never want to stop learning, it will give me the power to create bigger and better things!

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