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Stabilizer (Alpha) Released!

Yesterday I uploaded the public alpha for Stabilizer, formerly under the working name Tennis, to This was about 3 months of work using the C# skills I learned through my Unity 2D course. You can play the game using the link below.

I'm hoping I can get some itch regulars to give my game a try and provide feedback, but it isn't really necessary. I've made multiple changes and tweaks after giving it to friends to play. Over the next month I will be creating all the art and sound for the game. I'm expecting to be finished by November 1st.

The premise of the game is that you and another scientist/engineer are controlling two drones in a "Fonium" particle machine. The drones must keep the core particle (ball) within the confines of the machine at all times. Rogue particles may spawn (extra points) that modify environment when overlapping (speed up, slow down, shield, stun).


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