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Dynamic Time of Day

Screenshot (392).png

     In order to make the scene more intense, I added a dynamic time of day that cycles very fast to simulate the movement of clouds over the sun. In order to do this, I had to make a custom sky sphere. Using complex math to put the time of day into variables, I am able to control the time of day that the game starts at as well as how fast 24 hours pass.


Screenshot (393).png

     Barrels were the final piece to really bring a challenge to this game. If a player shoots a barrel stack, they score a point. If they boost through it, they refill their gasoline. If they slide or drive into it, they blow up! This mechanic combined with wheel locking at a medium speed and slippery tires makes Tropical Boost a test of patience and skill. When the barrels are hit, they produce an explosion and the barrels (which are destructible meshes) shatter.


     The fuel system is what gives player a feeling of urgency in the game. The player must boost through barrels in order to acquire more. If they move to slow, they will get stuck and lose the game. The fuel meter is located on the top left.

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